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“NVision hired Ant to work on an interactive stereoscopic presentation we were developing for a client, for a large exhibition stand. Ant helped us to develop our ideas, and provided guidance on how to best structure the project. He comes across as incredibly personable, and while I’m sure we asked some stupid questions and the project brief changed a lot as we went along, he was always happy to make changes and maintain a sense of humour. I would whole-heartedly recommend him, and hope to engage him on projects in the future.”

Tom Murray | VR Technologies Consultant, University of Northampton

“Anthony is an outstanding and professional designer who can quickly grasp the core ideas of a project, analyse key components, and crafting an exhilarating player experience. On top of being a skilful developer, he works extremely well with teammates and is very good at communicating ideas across, which is not an easy thing to do when it comes to game design and development. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Anthony and would highly recommend him to any game design projects.”

Brandon Wu | Founder, Pepwuper Studios

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Anthony, he was an extremely knowledgeable and personable colleague. His ability to balance creative input with project needs, constraints and timelines was second to none. Throughout the project we worked together on he kept a good relationship between staff underneath and above him and thus was a highly respected member of the team. He would certainly be first to mind when thinking of freelance designers.”

Adam Mottram | Chief Games Designer, Codemasters

"Ant was a brilliant design lead to work under. He was very good at generating creativity and enthusiasm in all the designers underneath him; he inspired the development team with confidence being well liked and having an excellent working relationship with the art and code teams.  Ant was great for focusing the team’s minds on problems and creative ideas for the game and for making tough design decisions where necessary.  As a designer I always found Ant’s ideas fun, well thought out and well suited to the project.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on Ant’s team and would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Christopher Cook | Games Designer, Sumo Digital

“Working with Ant was a great experience for me. He is a hugely talented Game Designer and a great teacher. He establishes a clear vision for the projects he works on and communicates that vision clearly and effectively across multiple teams. Ant accomplishes all of this whilst supporting and developing the team members around him. During my time working with Ant he was the vision holder on multiple titles that were in development across 3 different platforms, displaying an incredible understanding of how the nuances in design between platforms would impact the core experience. Ant is without a doubt the biggest influence on me in my career and he continues to support me despite working at different studios.”

Andrew McKenzie | Games Designer, NaturalMotion

“I had the pleasure of working with Anthony during the development of Backbreaker, as it was a small team I worked closely with Ant who was Lead Design on the project. First and foremost Ant is one of the most creative and organized Designers I have ever worked with, his ability to turn a vision of such a complicated game into a reality with such limited resources can only be admired. He was always approachable and very willing to discuss design issues no matter how busy he was, coupled with his aptitude to quickly understand a problem and come up with solutions made Ant a pleasure to work with.”

Craig Braithewaite | Software Engineer, Double Eleven Limited

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with Anthony over many years, not only at Razorworks but later again at Naturalmotion. Fantastic to work with, not just in a professional capacity, but also in a creative one. I enjoyed working through design ideas with him in early stages of projects, where he would take on board your ideas/concerns and incorporate them into his designs, making sure the flow was airtight and the whole development cycle smoother. You really felt part of a creative team. It’s this approach to his work that makes Anthony a joy to work with and I genuinely look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Damien Murphy | Senior Artist, NaturalMotion

“After having worked with Anthony for over 3 years, I feel well placed to highlight how talented a designer he is and how dedicated he is to this industry we know and love. On a design level Ant is a creative power house with mean eye for detail and whilst being quick to cut through to the problem at hand, he is also able to bring new and fresh ideas to the table. To partner this creative streak, Ant is a great technical writer with the skill to produce documentation outlining a design from both an engaging, readable point of view to a much more black and grey development document. Above these design related skills, Ant is a great line manager and mentor for more junior members of a team, with his approachable manner he always goes out of his way to communicate and motivate the team and is always looking to develop and drive his team forward. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring or working with Ant again.”

Jon Georgious | Senior Games Designer, Sumo Digital

“Ant is a very solid lead designer, a great team member and a pleasure to work with.”


Todd Gibbs | Studio Head, NaturalMotion

“I worked with Ant when he was Lead Designer on Backbreaker. He always had a clear vision for the game and was great at conveying it to the team, while remaining very open to ideas, and his positive and friendly manner made him a pleasure to work with.”

Pete Zujans | Independent Games Programmer

“Working with Ant was a great pleasure as he provided a friendly and supportive environment that enabled the designers under him to work to the best of their ability. He would always take the time to listen to the points that any of the other designers made and was constantly striving to create a structure that would help them grow by involving them wherever possible. Ant is more than just a manager though and through my time at NaturalMotion I saw him building a vision of multiple titles and communicating that vision to the teams around him. If someone had a query he would take the time to explain not only what needed doing but also why it needed doing. Through a detailed understanding of the impact of the small things in a piece of design he was able to bring together the whole and lead others to that same vision.”

Ben Moss | Senior Games Designer, Sumo Digital

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